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About Us

AgChem was founded by Leslie Knight of Knight and Partners (KAP) Chemicals Pty Ltd with a mutually agreeable partnership with The Fiji Sugar Corporation in 1983. Fiji Gas as the owner of Lane (Fiji) Ltd has a five percent holding in AgChem. By offering shares to Fiji Gas, AgChem was made available with a range of agricultural chemicals through the subsidiary company Lane (Fiji) Ltd.

Exclusive deals with chemical giants Dupont and Gamlen Environmental Services (NZ) Ltd also helped in extending AgChem’s market share. AgChem is slowly becoming a force in industrial water treatment in Fiji. A fast developing client base and an increasing range of brands led to the construction of the current AgChem site at Lot 5 Wailada Industrial Division in Lami. Dupont which sells safety as part of its corporate plans designed the factory for lasting safety. This premise is also the house of the last remains of the founder Mr. Leslie Knight who passed away in 1989.

AgChem Ltd pulled away from being a run of the mill agriculture chemical seller into a market leader after going through a little facelift of its products and price structuring.

Todays AgChem is a far cry from the small operation that started in 1983, and the man behind the success of the company is Mr. Ben Nand. Mr. Nand joined Agchem in 1990 as the General Manager of the company. With his vast knowledge and experience, he has been continuously driving the company towards achieving success and reaching new heights.

Today AgChem hogs 80 percent of the agricultural chemical market and is gulping up the boiler cleaning and power cooling tower maintenance business.

A little hard drive, a better understanding of the market and keeping in touch with the pulse of the market is what has helped us become the leaders.

In the early days AgChems range of products was essentially agricultural chemicals for use in sugarcane production however currently the product range has expanded to other crops and applications.

With a great range of products and services and a dynamic and well trained and educated team of human resources, we continue to achieve our goals and strive for excellence.

Our Opening Hours are Monday – Friday 8.00am to 4:30pm & Sat -Sun closed.

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