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Our Services



AgChem Limited is committed to improving the agricultural practices of Fiji. Whether it be promoting new technologies or a better farming practice. We pride ourselves in being the market leaders of such advances in the industry. We provide the following services that help an average farmer in getting a great value for his money



AgChem Limited provides soil sampling facilities to farmers on a scale that in not yet available in Fiji. We ship your soil samples to Australia. This soil test buys you a five year plan because this is how long you soil tests are valid for. In this five years whenever you come to us and say I want to plant a certain kind of crop we will prepare a fertilizer program that is sustainable and at the same time profitable to the farmer. We can change the programs as per your specifications with virtually no cost at all.



We also do farm visits where we can instantly test any soils for the PH levels and the moisture levels for the soil. On these onsite visits we will also be testing for BRIX levels in any existing crops and determine how they are doing. We can sit down and talk to you about your initiatives and how you can achieve them in a sustainable manner


AgChem Limited is very strong on stewardship. Unlike many chemical companies in Fiji who are only with you until they make the sale, we provide aftersales training to anyone who needs if after buying our products. We have conducted farmer training all around Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and up to Taveuni as well.


We have some very prominent cooling towers under the AgChem banner and we have continued to serve them in a professional and dedicated method befitting our organisation.


Our well-trained technicians made regular visits to sites and provide the following services to our valued customer in a timely and efficient manner:
Our technicians collect samples for further comprehensive testing at our facility.
They also test for certain things on site to take corrective measures almost immediately to keep everything running smoothly.
They also take care of the maintenance of all dosing and monitoring equipment that may be on site.
They also replenish any chemicals that they feel is getting low.
All of the above actions are reported to the customer through a regular and thorough report.


We have experts on standby at all times ready to supply the expert opinion on any matters that the customer feels he needs further elaborations on. We also allow customers to directly contact these experts and have their queries answered. We perpetuate an open relationship with our customers and provide all privileges that they are entitled and more if the occasion calls for it. We believe in going the extra mile.

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